Represents a rich note stored outside the database. <p> The rich note has a specified MIME type that allows choosing an adequate editor to modify it. It may have or not a path telling where it is stored. It may also have an abstract containing a resume, statistics or other informations telling what the document contains without having to open it.
: ExternDocument (architecture_autodiagram)
Figure 139 : ExternDocument (architecture_autodiagram)
string MimeType [1..1]
MIME type of the rich note.
string Path [1..1]
Path of the rich note if stored elsewhere than the default location. Can be relative to the model fragment location.
string Abstract [1..1]
An Abstract/Resume of the rich note. Tells what the rich note contains without having to open it.
Type : ExternDocumentType [1..1]
Semantic function of the rich note.
Subject : ModelElement [0..1]
Model element owning the rich note.