From now on and for all versions of Modelio Open Source from version 5, You will find Downloads, Documentation, Source Code and Project News on GitHub.

Modelio user manuals

Direct online access to complete Modelio user manuals.

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Welcome to the Modelio documentation! You can browse through the Modeler end user manuals and some modules end user manuals by Modelio version.
To go further with Modelio, you can use Jython scripts to make some automated tasks or develop your own modules using Java language to extend the Modelio tool. In both cases, Modelio offers a rich API for development purpose. Access the Module development guide.
You can also join our community forum if you need help using our UML/BPMN modeling tool or developing your own scripts or modules.


Modeler user manual

This user manual will tell you everything you need to know about Modelio Modeler, its features, its tools and its interface.

For advanced users or developers, you could be interested by knowing the Modelio Metamodel. The Metamodel documentation presents all predefined classes or metaclasses that form the Modelio metamodel, making it a must for anyone wishing to implement new services based on the metamodel.

Metamodel user manual

Javadoc of the Modelio API

Java Designer documentation

In this user manual you'll find detailed information on the features and interface of the Java Designer module.

Java Designer documentation
(Modelio 4.0.x compatible)



Don't forget that you can also access the quick start guide for more information on how to install and start using Modelio.

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