The Modelio development team is glad to announce the release of Modelio 3.6.0 Build 201612121651.

This is a stable version.

In order to make the deployment of Modelio easier we provide now a setup for Windows and Linux platforms.

If you find any regression or problem let us know on the forum or on the forge bug tracker.

New features

New Smart links feature

modelio 360 rc1 smart link

The smart link feature will help you to make links drawing easier.

New 'Properties' view

modelio 360 rc1 properties view

The 'Properties' view combines now the 'Element', 'Notes & Constraints' and 'Symbol' views to improve the organization of the views' tabs.

New 'Snap to geometry' feature

modelio 360 rc1 snap to geometry

This feature will help you align the graphic elements in your diagrams.

See the release note for more information

Download Modelio 3.6.0

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