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Everything you need to know about the API used to develop Modelio modules.

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Modelio provides a rich API for developing modules and create Jython scripts.

Using the API requires a certain level of knowledge and some skills that the module development candidate can acquire by reading the API documentation.

There are several API documentation entry points, each of them corresponding to a particular level of abstraction and details.

Beginners or new module developers should read the documentation, in the suggested order:

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Module creation preview

Before starting to read the documentation, you can view a tutorial showing how to create a Hello World module.

1 - Module developer's guide

It explains the main concepts for developing and packaging a module. Plus, it presents a complete example for creating a module with detailed steps (More complete than a simple tutorial).

2 - Module developer's API guide

It explains how to access different parts of Modelio (model, diagrams, audit, log, ...). Plus, it provides a useful FAQ.

3 - Metamodel documentation / Javadoc documentation of the API

It is a documentation for advanced users. The Metamodel user manual presents all the predefined classes or metaclasses that form the Modelio metamodel, making it a must for anyone wishing to implement new services based on the metamodel.

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