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This news will be of interest for any person involved in modeling activities - the launch of a complete, high end, professional modeling tool that supports the latest versions of modeling standards (UML2 and BPMN2), available as a genuine open source tool.

The modular architecture of Modelio allows the definition of modules, autonomous extension units, that can be plugged, unplugged and combined with a high level of flexibility. There already exist a large number of projects on www.modelio.org that provide modules for all sorts of purposes, including Java code generation & reverse, TOGAF modeling (Enterprise Architecture), SysML modeling (System engineering), and SoaML modeling (SOA architecture).

Although Modelio is licensed under GPL, the key APIs for modules are licensed under the highly permissive Apache 2.0 open source license. This allows contributors to develop both open source and proprietary add-on modules, to provide new specialist functionalities for the core product.

That is the core purpose of modelio.org - to be a vibrant open source community, as flexible and open as possible to all sorts of contributions.

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