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The Modelio development team is pleased to announce the release of Modelio 2.2.1.

Download Modelio 2.2.1

Modelio 2.2.1 provides new features, improvements and bug fixes.
Please note that opening your existing models with this release will upgrade your projects. Upgrading your projects consists in updating your model and diagrams to the new metamodel provided with Modelio 2.2.1.

A Model is not a tree !

So why do modeling tools always provide a hierarchical model explorer in order to navigate within the model? Organizing a model as a tree appears often as an arbitrary choice : there are many ways of organizing models. Models could for example be organized by types of elements (e.g. Use Cases, Class Diagrams, …), or by logical grouping (e.g. Administration, Billing, … or GUI, Server, client, storage, … ) in many ways. The reader of a model may not share the vision of the original author, who decided a specific organization, and may find it difficult to navigate in.

This question is quite hard to answer. Developers are often difficult to convince.

Despite some impressive results, the volume of code generated from a piece of model may not be indicative of the ROI : once a project is completed, how much value did you gain from a model-driven approach?

This question raises other questions. How does code generation scale up? How does it match any project specificities? How is it working in a continuously changing project?

The Modelio community is pleased to announce the release of Modelio 2.0.2. Some fixes and improvements in the UML/BPMN Modeler as well as in the SysML Architect and Pattern Designer open source modules.

Download Modelio 2.0.2
Download latest SysML Architect module release
Download latest Pattern Designer module release

Modelio has its own community channel on Youtube. You can find helpful video tutorials about Modelio.

Our channel on Youtube

Hope these tutorials will help Smile

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