Modelio open source licensing

Information on the different licenses used
in the Modelio open source ecosystem.

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Different types of license for different types of contribution

The rules for reusing and/or distributing elements of the Modelio open source ecosystem are defined by the following licenses:


  • The Modelio core, which is mainly the modeler and all the necessary components, is licensed under the GPL license. The GPL license requires that the destination software reusing the code also be open source under GPL. Any distribution that includes elements of the Modelio core must therefore also be distributed under the GPL license (except the original author, who may publish his software under several different licenses).
  • The Modelio Module Runtime is code that is embedded within Modelio modules. It manages module lifecycle and provides a rich Modelio-handling API. This code is distributed under the Apache Public License (APL) which provides a very large degree of freedom to anyone wishing to reuse and embed the code.
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  • Every Modelio module includes the Modelio Module Runtime. These modules can be distributed under any license, whether commercial or open source, due to the openness of the APL license. For example, they can be under APL or GPL open source license, or sold under a commercial license, or free under a commercial license.
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