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An open source modeling environment supporting the main standards:
UML, BPMN, MDA, SysML, ...

Latest version: 3.7.0 RC1 (Last update on November 03rd, 2017)
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Recent activities

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    • [Template editor] How can i render a Tagged value
    • Hi, I'm trying to make a new Template. I have my own module with a Stereotype called "Notion", this stereotype has tagged value named "TdB_Modele_Valide" and it is filled in a "Notion" of my model. My template runs well in term of structure, it follows and render objects of my model. i have added a...
    • In Usage / Extensions
    • 1 day 9 hours ago
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    • BPMN Process in Modelio 3.10
    • Hi ashwin, I suppose you're using the 3.7.0 RC1 version. In the BPMN Collaboration Diagrams you can unmask your Processes by drag'n'dropping them from the explorer. This will create a Participant (Pool) referencing the Process. You can also use the 'Properties' tab of the Participant to reference...
    • In Usage / General help
    • 1 day 14 hours ago
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    • BPMN Process in Modelio 3.10
    • Hi, In the Help>About Entry, could you take a look at your Modelio version because latest released Modelio version is 3.7. With your 3.10 version, you are coming from at least 2019... Cheers, EBR
    • In Usage / General help
    • 2 days 10 hours ago
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    • BPMN Process in Modelio 3.10
    • Hi I just upgraded to Modelio 3.10 (Window 10). However, I was unable to find how to model pools and lanes (and business processes within them) in Modelio 3.10. I could create business processes (and lanes) using the BPMN Process Design diagrams. However, I was unable to create pools. Conversely,...
    • In Usage / General help
    • 2 days 11 hours ago
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    • Submit a problem
    • Hi Mad2104, Modelio 3.7 needs a JDK 8 (not only a JRE) in order to run. Please check the following post : Hope this helps, cde.
    • In Usage / General help
    • 2 days 13 hours ago
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