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An open source modeling environment supporting the main standards:
UML, BPMN, MDA, SysML, ...

Latest version: 3.6.1 (Last update on March 07th, 2017)
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Recent activities

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    • bpm - lane - direction
    • Thanks you very much for your kind answer ebr. I opened a ticket as suggested[0]. Is that true also for your commercial version? Regards, Andrew R. Clins [0]-
    • In Usage / General help
    • 6 hours 59 minutes ago
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    • Move elements into class diagrams (graphical interface)
    • that's an interesting trick!! I was trying the reordering of elements in a class by trying to drag them in the diagram, and they don't work. I thought the only way was to hide the class and add it again (which is a pain). the tip you mentioned worked to solve this issue
    • In Development / Issues
    • 11 hours 9 minutes ago
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    • Full integration with Eclipse Oxygen
    • Hey all , I have figured out a way (little config of Java Designer and tweaks) to actually have a relatively nice way of switching between modelio and eclipse for edit of code. I am using ubuntu. if you are interested on what i did, post a reply.. cheers
    • In Usage / General help
    • 17 hours 54 minutes ago
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    • Auto Save feature
    • Thanks for your reply. Yes, i agree with you. just to explain, I was only thinking of a lot simpler thing really. I wanted just an auto save feature to the model only, not necessarily auto save which generates the code.This way i don't lose any model changes if the application crashes (it did...
    • In Usage / General help
    • 17 hours 56 minutes ago
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