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An open source modeling environment supporting the main standards:
UML, BPMN, MDA, SysML, ...

Latest version: 3.6.1 (Last update on March 07th, 2017)
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Recent activities

    • Tips to help Get Started...
    • Hi, I'm writing a simulation system and need some tips on which modules would best suit the task & getting started with Modelio. I'm not really a coder, but have taken this on as part of my work - essentially, I need a means to stop me drowning in details and complexity. The use cases are for...
    • In Usage / General help
    • 1 day 15 hours ago
    • Invokes and Precedes relationships (OML)
    • In fact, a Module will allow you to define : * a new command to create a dependency stereotyped "Precedes". * a new Use case diagram which will provide this command More info on Modume Development can be found .
    • In Usage / General help
    • 2 days 1 hour ago
    • Invokes and Precedes relationships (OML)
    • Hi Slavb18, As you said, or sparxsystem specified, "Invokes" and "Precedes" relationships are defined by the Open Modeling Language (OML) not by the Unified Modeling Language (UML) that's why is not available by default inside Modelio. These relationships "are stereotyped Dependency relationships"...
    • In Usage / General help
    • 2 days 22 hours ago
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