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An open source modeling environment supporting the main standards:
UML, BPMN, MDA, SysML, ...

Latest version: 3.8.0 (Last update on October 2nd, 2018)
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Learn more about Modelio, its supported standards, its features, its ecosystem, ...

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Some steps to start using Modelio, create projects, handle diagrams, install modules, ...

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Recent activities

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    • How to install Modelio 3.8 silent?
    • Thanks for the quick reply That sounds like Linux? "$USER_HOME/modelio/Modelio Open Source 3.8" What about Windows 7? Is a silent install also a available for that OS? Thanks.
    • In Users / Installation
    • 21 hours 56 minutes ago
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    • How to install Modelio 3.8 silent?
    • Hi, In a command line window, launch "Modelio Open Source 3.8.0 - 64.exe" /S. It will install Modelio silently in the $USER_HOME/modelio/Modelio Open Source 3.8 directory. Currently it is not possible to select another directory on silent install. Hope this helps
    • In Users / Installation
    • 22 hours 48 minutes ago
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    • Archimate - add tagged values / attributes?
    • Regarding the default value, there are two possibilities: With the current behaviour (i.e. the default value can't be chosen among the possible ones, you have to type it and it can be anything), you could type in "Choose a value" for example, and it would not look good in your diagrams if it...
    • In Users / Extensions
    • 3 days 3 hours ago
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