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The open source extensible modeling environment supporting:

UML, BPMN, ArchiMate, SysML, ...

Latest version: 4.0.1 (Last update on February 3rd, 2020)

Recent activities

    • How to edit stereotypes of a module?
    • Hello, I had downloaded the MARTE extension for Modelio a while ago (but apparently the download link is broken: ). I'm trying to use this module recently, but I've encountered some issues with stereotypes. What I did was insert the stereotype...
    • In Developers / Modules
    • 1 day 3 hours ago
    • Create dynamically properties into a stereotype
    • Hi, I'm trying to create properties inside a stereotype but cant manage to make it work. Below my code that is not running: public PropertyDefinition createStereotypeProperty ( Stereotype st, String propName, PropertyType propType ) { if ( st == null ) return ( null ); if ( isNullOrEmptyString (...
    • In Developers / Modules
    • 1 week 2 days ago
    • CTRL-S does something besides save the project
    • Hi, This CTRL-S shortcut is a dross of an experimental work that was carried out in Modelio and which has unfortunately been forgotten in the product délivered configuration. There is no associated functionality. It is therefore in practice a bug that will be fixed. BR.
    • In Developers / Issues
    • 2 weeks 2 days ago
    • What kind of diagrams, besides classes, do you nee...
    • Yes, I found 2 programs for Python with UML. Bouml and Umbrella UML (for Linux, for Windows the Umbrella - no good). But Modelio seems to me also interesting for other programming languages that it supports. And with these other programs, I have not yet figured out if I can do something in them or...
    • In Users / General help
    • 2 months 3 weeks ago
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